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Voice Over Digicourse

This is a virtual/digital course aimed at helping participants learn the BASIC/FOUNDATIONAL rudiments of the VoiceOver craft. They will be taught various ways to brush up on their vocal talents. This course is strictly virtual with modules that expose the basic technicalities of this craft.


Course Fee
Course Type: Online/Virtual Basic Course
Duration: 1 week

Voice Over Mastercourse

Every successful brand you see or hear about in the media most times has a distinctive voice. Could it be yours? The Voice Over Master Course can help you learn the basic rudiments of the commercial voice over industry. We will teach you practical ways to brush up your talent as an aspiring voice over talent. This course will enable you to learn from experienced voice-over talents in the business.


Course Fee
Price on Demand
Course Type: External
Duration: 1 day

Voice Over Procourse

The Pro Course is an advanced level course designed to produce professional voice over talents. The modules look at the intricate details of the various aspects of voice-overs. In addition, participants are engaged in consistent practical drills. The course aims to help participants develop an in-depth understanding of their voices and the niche where it is most needed. 
The Pro Course also aims to equip with business knowledge of voice-overs, which in turn improves their attitude and confidence. An added benefit for participants of this course is the opportunity to work on group voice over projects. This certification is highly sought after and is dependent on the outcomes of various class and group projects.


Course Fee
Course Type: Internal
Duration: 5 days
Procourse Weekend – 5 Saturdays
Procourse Bootcamp (Crash Procourse) – 1 Week

Vocal Awareness and Voice Mastery

In recent times, most business executives communicate through phone calls and face-to-face conversation and the first impression that is usually made is with the voice. This course is targeted at business executives who often use their voices as a pertinent tool of the trade. Participants who are interested in advancing their careers, being heard and respected will benefit immensely from improving their voices as it also improves their chances of success. This course will teach you how to dictate your identity as you want it to be and not have it dictated to you. The modules for this course have been developed to help participants find their voice in a noisy world that pays attention to only exceptional and bold voices. The effect of this course improves the vocal output of participants and collectively contributes to an increase in bottom-line and sales.


Course Fee
Course Type: External
Duration: 2 days

Vocal Influence (Vocal Communication and Technicalities)

It’s no news that communication plays a major role in organizations nowadays. The majority of the time, vocal communication is pertinent whether as colleagues or to a customer. Even in a more virtual world now, we communicate most of the time with our voices and written words. This course focuses on the essentials of excellent vocal communication, how to interpret voice tones and improve tonal quality, vocal exercises, enunciation, and the art of vocal influence. This is a course every corporate organization must make compulsory for its team leads especially for organizations that have front desk officers, customer service/care departments, air hostess/hostesses, marketers, and salesmen.


Course Fee
Course Type: External
Duration: 2 days

One on One Private Course

This is a course, which is strictly a coaching session with our team lead. It is usually bespoke and is tailored to fit the individuals’ vocal needs and expectations. He has coached several Individuals who have excelled using their vocal strengths. The modules are intense and practical.


Course Fee
Course Type: Internal
Duration: 5 working days (3 hours)

Voice Over Maincourse

This is a Voice Over Pro course crash program, which is strictly dedicated to cities, states, and countries outside our academy headquarters.

Course Fee
Course Type: Private Coaching
Duration : 3 Days

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