We are Africa’s Pioneer Learning Hub for Voice Over Talents

Who We Are

At Voice Over Academy, we are dedicated to grooming and churning out world-class voice-over talents.

This is achieved through our intense curriculum with inspiring and practical teachings from our team of veterans.


Our VISION is to simply become the preferred reference point for excellent voice talents across Africa.

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Academy Programs

Voice Over Digicourse

This is a virtual/digital course aimed at helping participants learn the BASIC/FOUNDATIONAL rudiments of the VoiceOver craft. They will be taught various ways to brush up on their vocal talents. This course is strictly virtual with modules that expose the basic technicalities of this craft.

Voice Over Pro course

The Pro Course is an advanced level course designed to produce professional voice-over talents The modules look at the intricate details of the various aspects of voice-overs. In addition, participants are engaged in consistent practical drills…

Sound Design and Audio Branding Course

Every focused brand knows the importance of the use of sound to reinforce its brand identity and essence. This course is specially designed for voiceover artists, vocalists, producers as well as brand managers.

Verbal Communication & Voice Technicalities

It’s no news that communication plays a major role in the workplace nowadays. Majority of the time, verbal communication is pertinent whether as colleagues or to a customer.

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